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WiZ LED Smart Lighting Tunable White Downlight (9W/12.5W/17W) (2700-6500K) (1 Year Warranty)
Price RM61.40 - RM79.40
Product SKU WiZ LED Sm-1131
Size (L x W x H) 17 cm x 6 cm x 17 cm
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Introduction :

The WiZ Dna


Technology Has Advanced In Leaps And Bounds In Nearly All Aspects Of Our Daily Lives. But It Hasn’t For Light Yet. That Is... Until Now.


Wiz Brings Total Flexibility With 64,000 Shades Of White And Preset Well-being Modes. Your Eyes Deserve The Right Light Temperature And Intensity To Focus On A Laptop Screen, Read A Magazine Or Gradually Get Yourself Ready For Bed.


Now With Adjustable Whites And Colors, Wiz Lighting Experts Have Designed Dynamic Modes That Completely Outshine Any Other Smart Lighting Products Available Right Now. Like Great Music Tracks, Artfully Synchronized And Randomized, Our Modes Make Any Room Glow With Stunning Lighting Ambiences.


Product Features :


• Bring Human-centric Lighting Into Your Life With This Smart Wiz Led Tunable White Downlight.

• Fit Into Your Ceiling And Apply Different Shades Of Warm To Cool White To Help You Focus Or Relax.

• You Can Set Schedule To Turn Lights On And Off According To Your Daily Or Weekly Routines, Control With
  Your Smartphone Or Your Voice And Have Remote Access To Your Lights Even When You're Away.

• Wiz Lights Connect To Your Existing Wi-fi, No Additional Hardware Is Needed.

• High Quality Diffuser And Led Light Source, Enabling Soft, Uniformly Distributed Light.

• No Glare, No Flickering Light Design, Minimizing Eye Strain And Ensuring Complete Comfort Whether You’re Reading Or Relaxing.

• Wide Range Of Color Temperature, Providing The Most Suitable Lighting For Your Daily Activities.

• Get Cool Or Daylight Color To Concentrate And Improve Productivity; Use Soft Warm White To Relax And Feel Cozy.

• Wiz Native Feature Circadian Rhythm Makes Your Lights Mimic The Natural Transition Of The Sunlight Throughout The Day.

• Apply The Cyclical Lighting Pattern To Boost Your Energy In The Morning And Help You Wind Down After A Busy Day.


Product Description :


* Size : 4" / 5" / 6"

* Dimension : 120 x 120 x 47 / 140 x 140 x 47 / 165 x 165 x 47

* Cut Out : Ø 105mm / Ø125mm / Ø150mm

* Wattage : 9W /12.5W / 17W

* Lumen : 600lm / 900lm / 1200lm

* Colour Temperature : 2700K - 6500K

* Lifetime : 15000 Hrs






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